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Aquamag and Aquamag plus limescale removers and preventers


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Aquamag and Aquamag plus limescale removers and preventers

Link: http://www.mflshop.co.uk/product.php?xProd=1432

Introducing Aquamag limescale reducing and prevention products.

The principle behind the Aquamag products is to create a strong magnetic field which polarises the water molecules and some how miraculously preventing the dissolved limescale from sticking to the pipes, the technical spiel from the importer is "Produces an electronic polarising signal that 'ionises' the hard water ions, preventing them adhering to the inside of your pipe-work, clearing old limescale and preventing new limescale from forming".

The Aquamag products have been one of our best sellers for many years now, initially we sold them in 15mm 20mm and the Aquamag plus which can fit any size pipe, to be most effective they should be fitted to the pipe at its entry point to the house.

The Aquamag 20mm and 15mm were fixed magnets so could be used anywhere unfortunately these were discontinued a while ago, the 20mm a long time ago and the 15mm more recently the 20 mm was not a great problem as we received relatively fewer orders compared to the 15mm, the 15mm was quite a problem as we sold many of these and they were quit a bit cheaper than the Aquamag plus.

The Aquamag plus is not as convenient because it needs a power outlet to enable it to work, I can assume it is more powerful because it uses the principle of an electromagnet, the core of the magnet being the pipe and the water itself so directing the majority of the magnetic field into the water.

Now as you will know or will find out I do not take for granted what people say, If a sales man tells me something I listen and take in what I am told but I do not make a decision only on his word, however I have had so many good reports from customers who have bought the Aquamag or the Aquamag plus that I am inclined to believed it works.

I will be encouraging people who tell me over the phone how well it works to leave a comment here so you can see for yourself the success stories associated with this product.

If you have used one and find it useful please let us know and we will share your experiences with others who may be interested in purchasing.

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